Monday, August 20, 2012

8/15 Meeting Agenda

1.  Call to Order: 6:40

2.  Introductions

3.  Current Issues
                  a.  Work Days:  Wednesdays 8-12:00
                                            Projects to work on from the
                                            Children Welcome

                  b.  Playground Equipment:  Funds raised this
                                                             year will be used 
                                                             purchase additional
                  c.  Labels For Education:  Passed out fliers.  
                                                          Turn in labels!

4.  Upcoming Events
            September 24th-October 5th:  Great American 
            September 27th:  Open House
October 5th: Donuts for Dads
November 9th:  Spaghetti Dinner/Family Night
            December 20th:  Staff Appreciation Brunch
            March 8th:  Muffins for Moms
            April 13th:  2nd Annual Hoot and Holler
            May 6-10th:  Staff Appreciation Week
      May 10th:  Staff Appreciation Brunch

5.  Volunteers Needed:  AR Store 9/19
                                     Scholastic Book Fair 8/24- 28

6.  Treasurer's Report/Budget:  Began with $11,547
      Withdrew money for shirts, water bottles, $500 to 
      Copper View PTO 
      Deposited money from shirt sales
      Ending Balance: $10,946

7.  Homework Expectations (Panel)
K- Tingle:  Reading Log, Family Activity Calendar
      Parents putting emphasis on school is the most important thing
1- Boyter:  Reading Log, Math/Spelling/Phonics
      20-30 minutes a night
      Should be able to do independently
2- Osborn: Reading Log, Math/Spelling
      20-30 minutes a night
      Do a little each night
If the HW is taking more than 20-30 minutes a night – Talk to the teacher!

8.  Question Answer Period/Parent Survyes
      Fundraising ideas, how to get involved

Meeting Adjourned:  7:35

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