Friday, January 7, 2011

January 2011 PTO Meeting

1. Call to Order: 3:35

2. Introductions
3. “Tina’s Talk” - Tina was ill, so not in attendance
4. Current Issues - none
5. Upcoming Events
a. 5k Fundraiser
1. 5K and and 1 mile fun run on April 9th or 16th
2. Cost is $1000 up front or $300 + 40% of earning
3. Questions to be asked:
Do we make up our own fee and our own route?
Who do we get permission from to run the route?
What route do we want to do?
What services are provided for the fee?
What about T-shirts? Benefits vs. cost?
Can we / should we have a bounce house for the kids?
What about sponsers?
4. Find out the answers to these questions by 1/21
6. Volunteers Needed
This will be an open forum to have printed sigh ups for up-coming events time slots and contact information
7. Treasurer’s Report
a. bought more gift cards, coffee, and sweatshirts
b. current balance is $9624
8. Election for Celebration Co-chair
a. Lyndsey Doskocil was nominated by Sarah
b. Mindy seconded
c. Lyndsey was nominated Celebration Co-chair
Meeting adjourned at 4:27