Friday, October 28, 2011

PTO Meeting Minutes 10/26/11

1.  Call to Order:  6:43

2.  Introductions

3.  Mr. Heinzelmann:  Boundary Meetings are 11/1 at 9:00AM and 6:00PM

4.  Current Issues

                  a. Shirt Trainee (Hollie):  Jennifer Baca and 
                      Dawn Marie are interested in
                      training this year to take over next year

                  b. Carnival Update (4/14):  still working on
                      getting sponsors

5.  Upcoming Events

                  a. Donuts For Dads (10/28):  7:00-7:30 
                      volunteers needed

                  B.  BMX Show (11/2) 7:45 volunteers needed at 7:00

                  c. Staff Appreciation brunch (12/9) 
                  d. Next Meeting: 1/11 6:30PM possible panel with Specials' Teachers

6.  Volunteers Needed:  Sign ups passed around

7.  Parent Advisory Committee (Jon):  Committee gives the superintendent feedback from parents.  Any questions or concerns, e-mail

8.  Treasurer's Report/Budget
                  a. Gross sales from fundraiser just under

                  b. In the black $1,800 from apparel sales

9.  Homework Help Forum:  Homework panel with Mrs. Strayer, Mrs. Tingle, Mrs. Spooner, Ms. Dalon, Ms. Osborn