Friday, December 10, 2010

December 9th 2010 Meeting Minutes

1. Call to Order: 3:11 by Sarah

2. Updates
a. Treasurer’s Report (Kerri)
1. Current balance $9000
2. Great American Fundraiser profit $8300
3. Upcoming Events
a. Tech Purchases
1. PTO bought AR program for SPS last year
2. Most teachers aren’t using it because of the lack of computers with internet access
3. Find out how we can get internet/computers
4. Let’s finish this project!
b. Staff Appreciation brunch
1. 7:00AM – 2:10PM
2. Coffee coming at 7:00
3. Volunteers needed to set up/tear down
c. 5K to benefit the school
1. Using Tag Run – charge is $1000 or $300 plus 40%
2. 5K plus 1 mile fun run
3. Schedule for April
d. Capri Sun Fundraiser?
1. SIS is no longer doing it
2. Look into doing it for SPS
f. New meeting times1. PTO meeting on Tuesdays at 3:30
2. Executive meeting the Thursday before at 7:30AM
4. Meeting adjourned at 3:46 by Sarah

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Staff Appreciation Brunch

The Staff Appreciation Brunch will be held on Friday December 10th.  If you are able, please bring in a brunch item.  Items can be dropped off at parent drop-off or brought into the office.  Thank you!