Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fundraiser Due Date

All fundraiser orders are due THIS Tuesday, Sept. 28th...students can bring them in to their teachers.  Any questions can be e-mailed
Thank you!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

September 9th Meeting Minutes

1. Call to Order: 3:05 by Anne
2. “Tina’s Talk”
1. SPS now has over 700 students
2. Newsletter for this month has been sent out
3. It’s been a busy but great year so far
3. Updates
a. Treasurer’s Report (Kerri)
1. Current balance $3200
2. $470 committed for AR
3. $900 committed for shirts
4. $200 credit card rewards check is coming
b. Box Top Report (Robyn)
1. Already about $700 worth counted
2. They’ll be submitted in November
3. ½ the newsletters have been sent out
c. New PTO room (Anne)
1. Work days are Wednesdays 8 – 12.
2. We have a new room and a corner of the teacher’s work room
3. There is a box in the teacher room for teachers to turn in projects to us
4. Bear with the mess as we transition
d. Document Cameras for Teachers (Erin)
1. Document camera and projector quote = $600
2. Find out how many are needed and the cost
3. We will table this for now and look into it after the fundraiser
e. T-shirts / Sweatshirts (Anne)
1. Send out order forms to parents
2. Sarah motioned to make class t-shirts $12.00 so that one dollar per shirt will go towards technology for SPS.
Robin seconded the motion.
The motion was passed.
4. Upcoming Events
a. Fundraiser
1. Kick-off on 9/14
2. Reach out booklets due 9/15
3. Volunteers needed on 9/16 to count reach out packets
4. 10/28 volunteers needed to pass out orders
b. El Charro Fundraiser
1. 10% will be given back to SPS
2. Possible date of 10/24 from 11:00-7:00
10. Meeting adjourned at 3:40 by Anne