Friday, February 4, 2011

February 2nd, 2011 Meeting

1. Call to Order: 3:38 by Sarah

2. Introductions
3. Current Issues
a. Technology
1. AR (Osborne)
A. All but two 2nd grade classes have computers for this
B. Teachers would like one more per class
C. Robyn will look into getting computers donated from Raytheon
D. Sarah and Mindy will talk to IT about Wi-Fi / Supporting more computers
E. We will have answers for the next executive meeting
F. AR books in the library need labeling – please help with this if you can
2. Bee-Bots
A. Miss Fitch would like 5 more
B. She also would like a program for the Special Needs students
C. Executive board will vote via e-mail about funding the program 0nce we have an exact quote.
b. Box Top Update (Robyn)
1. We received a $1300 check for last semester!
2. Classroom winners are:
K- Spooner, 1st- Boyter, 2nd- Judd
3. We will also start doing Campbell’s Soup labels
c. Volunteer of the Month: Andrea Smith
4. Upcoming Events
a. Read-A-Thon
1. 3/7: kick-off
2. 3/22: collection of packets
3. Prizes
A. Look at something more educational
B. Prizes for top two in each grade
C. Teacher prized for most class participation

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