Monday, November 15, 2010

November 9th Meeting MInutes

1. Call to Order: 3:15 by Anne

2. Updates

a. Treasurer’s Report (Kerri)

1. Current balance $9000

2. Great American Fundraiser profit $7300

3. Class shirt profit $599

b. Gift Cards (Mindy)

1. Need more for birthdays and babysitting

2. Buy one for Carrie Lucas for helping with the fundraiser

c. T-shirts / Sweatshirts (Hollie)

1. Across two years we will make a profit

d. New School District Boundaries

1. Boundary meetings have already been held

2. If you are concerned, attend board meetings or share concerns with Anne.

3. Upcoming Events

a. Science Night at SIS (Anne)

1. November 16th

2. Volunteers needed to help sell food

b. Coat / Uniform Drive (Amy)

1. Collecting 11/15-11/19

2. Volunteers needed to collect and organize

c. Staff Appreciation brunch

1. December 10th

2. Volunteers needed to set up/tear down

d. Gifts for staff of the month

1. Use the $500 Great American credit

e. Capri Sun Fundraiser?

1. Earn 2 cents per pouch

2. Need to coordinate with SIS as they already do this

f. Look into planting a new tree to replace the eucalyptus tree

g. Volunteer of the month for November: Katie Cirando

5. Co-President election

a. Renee is stepping down

b. Anne nominated Sarah Bell

c. Talia seconded

d. Sarah Bell is new co-president

e. We are now in need of a new fundraising chair to replace Sarah

1. Tabled until the next meeting

2. Election will be in December

6. Meeting adjourned at 4:00 by Anne

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